Head’s Commendation recipients celebrate together

Dr Lee congratulates students on their outstanding achievements this half term

A huge congratulations to the students who received a Head’s Commendation this week!

This special award recognises pupils for their outstanding achievements, demonstrations of kindness and dedication to school life, and we were delighted to celebrate the recipients for their hard work this half term!

During lunchtime on Tuesday, the nominated pupils and their teachers joined Dr Lee in the Senior foyer to commemorate this special achievement with certificates and sweets. A big well done to the group for their positive contributions to school life!

Laura C – For being awarded a place on the ‘Deutschland Plus’ summer school. Not only did she complete a rigorous application form in German, but she will need to complete a follow up project too. It is highly competitive; with only around 24 Year 12 students from the whole of the UK being selected. Well done Laura! Miss Ingrouille

Minni PSJ – Despite finding extended writing challenging, Minni always comes to English in a positive frame of mind. Through her determined approach to improve, and resilience when things do not quite go to plan, Minni has made pleasing progress in this subject and I look forward to seeing her continue to grow and develop in all areas. Well done, Minni! Mrs Fordham

Clara B – Clara has made excellent progress on her fast-track Latin language course and has attended all of her language buddy sessions on Wednesday break times. Mrs Peto

Chanan S – Chanan has consistently demonstrated a proactive and independent approach to her studies, taking initiative to thoroughly review course materials and seek out additional support to enhance her understanding. Chanan deserves to reap the rewards of her hard work in the upcoming summer assessments, but also to be commended for her application to her preparation. Dr Lines

Hope A – For her excellent work in Humanities Transferable Skills, specifically her final project on a topic of her own choice. Hope has produced a presentation on the topic, including her bibliography and using citation. Hope is a very impressive potential medic, mature and considered regarding a fascinating but potentially upsetting subject and working at a level beyond Year 8. Miss Buxton

Holly G-S – The final assignment in English was to write a letter (in the style of Michael Morpurgo) from one of the characters, and end the book. Holly’s ending was perfect! In fact, as a class, we agreed that we preferred it to the original when we read that. Miss Brandon-Jones

Sahitya B – For being an excellent ambassador for the school and generously giving up her time to host a guest on a tour showcasing the spirit of our school. Dr Lee

Anushka T – For being an excellent ambassador for the school and generously giving up her time to host a guest on a tour showcasing the spirit of our school. Dr Lee

Evette B – For representing the school by playing the piano so beautifully at every event and always with a smile on her face. Dr Lee


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