A High School education means that you will enjoy a relationship for life with the school. You will carry something of the High School with you whenever you go: an exceptional educational grounding and a foundation of self-confidence, and a rich array of experiences that remain as treasured memories. Not forgetting the precious ties of friendship to sustain and support you during good and hard times alike.

We always love to hear from you – to share your news and find out about all the interesting things you have been doing. And we welcome you back into school whenever we can – to reignite memories of school days and share your experiences with current students.

When you leave Northampton High, you automatically become part of the Northampton High Alumnae network, the Old Girls’ and Associates and part of the Girls’ Day School Trust Alumnae Network.

By having your updated contact details, we can keep you connected to each other and to the school. So if you aren’t currently receiving our news and invitations, please fill in your details below.

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