There are multiple reasons for choosing an outstanding all-girls school, we allow our students to express themselves regardless of gender. Every pupil in our girls only school will have her own opinion about what the main advantages are.

Although there are multiple reasons as to why your daughter should attend Northampton High School, here are some of the benefits of your daughter going to an all girl’s private school:

  • Girls do better academically in single-sex than in mixed classes (especially in science, technology,
    engineering and maths)
  • Gender barriers and stereotypes do not influence decisions and attitudes in a girls’ school
  • Girls feel more comfortable in a girls-only environment where they can relax and just be themselves
  • Lessons and the approach to learning can be tailored specifically to the preferences of the girls
  • More freedom to tailor guidance and wellbeing programmes to the priorities and interests of our girls
  • More opportunities to play the big parts, take the major solos, lead the team, gain the plum internships
  • Greater scope to take on leadership roles and develop skills for leadership that will prepare them for life beyond school
  • Being part of the Girls’ Day School Trust brings a whole range of remarkable extra benefits and opportunities

Our Northampton High School Alumnae and current students, are our strongest advocates, which tells you all you need to know about the quality of the experience, and the stats speak for themselves:

83% of GDST Alumnae believe that attending a GDST school changed their lives for the better


77% believe that the girls-only environment really benefited them

Recent research has shown that the self-confidence of young girls starts to fall behind that of boys early (sometimes as early as 9 years of age) in mixed-sex environments. That confidence gap persists into old age, we want to avoid this at all costs in a safe and happy environment.

Single sex girls’ schools are the ONLY setting in which this confidence gap does not occur.

[Source: Study by AIBE, University of Queensland, published 2019]


'The only all-girls, all-through school in the county, where the junior school gives girls a cracking start in their development towards becoming the leaders of tomorrow. Full of joy and energy, and masses of opportunity for girls to discover their passions and abilities'.

— The Good Schools Guide, 2023


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