Head’s Commendation recipients celebrate special award

Dr Lee recognises students across Junior and Senior School for their contributions to school life

A huge congratulations to the students who received a Head’s Commendation recently!

This special award recognises pupils for their outstanding achievements, demonstrations of kindness and dedication to school life and we were delighted to celebrate the recipients for this half term!

During lunchtime on Friday 28 June, the nominated pupils and their teachers joined Dr Lee in the Senior foyer to commemorate this special achievement with certificates and sweets. A big well done to the group for their hard work and positive contributions to school life!

Faith P-N and Nisha G:
 Faith and Nisha started coming to Wildlife Gardening Club after Easter and have taken over a small raised bed outside the Wake Wing. With very little help from me (other than me giving them seeds!) they have grown peas, poppies, beetroot, radish and sunflowers, and they even come to water them with their water bottles at lunch because we don’t have a big enough watering can! They are very mature and organised, and it is clear that they want to make a difference! Mrs Peto

Aurelia H: I am nominating Aurelia for completing her work experience with a tour company in France and then completing a personal project to demonstrate her learning. This showcases Aurelia’s ability to apply what she had learned and highlights her creativity and initiative. Very well done, Aurelia! Dr Lee

Ava B: Ava has been super helpful to new drivers, assisting them with the route and identifying students. Mr Holmes

Natalie S: Natalie’s work ethic in Spanish is fantastic. She focuses really well, undertakes all the tasks in a timely and thorough manner, asks for clarification and applies what she has learnt. When she finishes ahead of time, which happens often due to her determination, she requests extension work, and demonstrates a real desire to do well in the subject. Mrs Rathore

Jesleen R: Inspired by the work of Georgia O’Keeffe, she used acrylic paint to create a striking image of a flower, showing great concentration to blend colours and add brush stroke detail. Miss Taylor

Simran L: I am nominating Simran for her work in the Year 8 skills lessons. Simran has been working at a very advanced level academically, producing work on protecting the rainforests (a set piece of work) and sundials (topic of her choosing). Her level of research, how she structures her work, thoughtful comments, use of citation and bibliography all make for impressive reading. Miss Buxton

Ques-Li DB and Lucie C: I am nominating Ques-Li and Lucie for their excellent contribution to the Year 5 and 6 production of Wind in the Willows. Their expert choreography of the Year 5 river dance transported the audience into a magical world and left them wanting more. Well done, girls! Mrs Fordham


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