We are Undivided: Inclusion and Diversity

Inclusion is a set of behaviours and the creation of an environment where individuals feel safe and valued to be themselves, where the worth of all people is recognised. An inclusive environment promotes and sustains a sense of authentic belonging, valuing and respecting talents, beliefs, backgrounds, and ways of living of its members. Inclusion removes barriers to participation and unlocks the power of diversity.

We are privileged to be members of a diverse community at Northampton High School and we are proud of the fact that we avoid stereotyping, racism, and unconscious bias. Indeed, our ISI inspection report from November 2019 commented on this on many occasions, stating that ‘pupils show extremely high levels of respect for each other, being sensitive to different cultural traditions’ and that they are ‘tolerant and sensitive to each other’.

Much is already in place, of course, however, we are not complacent. Equality is our aim. We are rightly focusing on diversity and inclusion for our pupils, our staff, our parents and our community partnerships. Through our Staff Working Group, our Student Council and Student Voice groups, our alumnae, our Parent Forum, our Governing Body and with our strategic plan, we are moving the agenda forward. As an independent school, we have the gift to change the curriculum for all our students and we are working to do so through conversation with pupils, parents and staff. With so many committed to changing the culture for current and future generations of students, both in our own setting and beyond, we really have the opportunity to make a difference. As members of the GDST and its ‘UNDIVIDED’ commitment to diversity, inclusion, and real change, we can do even more.

The GDST recognises that the organisation’s history and mission in helping girls to learn without limits – to achieve gender justice – cannot be achieved without racial justice, too. Consequently, our organisation’s Undivided steering committee has published the GDST Charter of Action to ensure that staff, students, alumnae, and parents have an opportunity to influence and contribute to the organisation’s goals and commitments in this area.

The Charter seeks to address ‘HOW we will make sure the GDST family always embodies an ethos of mutual respect and consideration; HOW we provide a safe, open, and respectful working and learning environment for all; and HOW we will make sure everyone’s voice is heard as we seek to make meaningful change happen’.


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