2024/2025 School Fees

Termly school feesTermly lunch fees
Nursery and Reception£4,113.00£266.73
Year 1 and Year 2£4,291.00£266.73
Year 3 to Year 6£4,629.00£285.82
Year 7 to Year 13£5,874.00£304.92

From September 2023, for Year 11 students and above, there will be an additional charge for the public examination fees. The actual cost of these examinations (the number and type of subjects being taken) at GCSE, IGCSE, AS and A Level, will be detailed for each student and will be charged to the bill payer. Currently the typical cost ranges between £400 to £600 for GCSE students and £350 to £500 for A Level students, in addition to the tuition and lunch fees listed above. We will contact families during the spring term before the student’s exams with a statement of exams entered, and their associated costs.

Above fees applicable from 1 September 2024.

EYFS and KS1 – Full Year Places (50 weeks)

Termly school fees (50 weeks)Termly lunch fees (50 Weeks)
Nursery and Reception£4,834.00£385.44
Year 1 and Year 2£5,017.00£385.44

Above fees applicable from 1 September 2024.


Extra activities

Junior School (Reception to Year 6)

A vast and varied array of extracurricular clubs are provided before school, during lunchtimes and after school for Junior School students, led by our own teaching staff, all of which are included in our fees. In addition to these, there are further clubs run by external providers, such as ballet and tennis, which are available for an extra charge. Clubs change on a termly basis to provide breadth of opportunity.

Wraparound care is available to all students from 7.30am to 6pm, at no extra cost. After school, when not participating in clubs, pupils can choose between a quiet room where they may read or complete prep (homework), a practical room with fun activities, or play outside. A snack and a choice of fruit are available for all. Breakfast and late tea are available for students at an extra charge, if required.

Senior School (Year 7 to Year 13)

There are many extracurricular activities that take place before the school day, during lunchbreaks and after school. The majority of these clubs are run by our own staff, and there is no additional fee payable. We hold an exciting and informative clubs fair at the start of the autumn term, where girls can select the activities in which they wish to participate. In addition to these, there are further clubs run by external providers, such as ballet, music and LAMDA lessons, which are available for an extra charge.

The school is open from 7.30am and students can purchase breakfast from 8am if they choose to. Late Prep, our supervised homework club, runs from 4pm to 5pm. After Late Prep, Late Stay, a more relaxed, supervised session, runs until 6pm. There is no additional charge for girls using Late Prep or Late Stay.

Please contact us on nhs.admissions@nhs.gdst.net or 01604 765765 (Admissions) with any questions about our fees.


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