“The school is a calm, happy and purposeful place to learn.” ISI Inspection Report, February 2024

In February 2024, Northampton High School was inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) as part of their routine cycle of school inspections. Our school is one of the first in Northamptonshire to be inspected under the new ISI Inspection Framework, which came into effect in September 2023.

Not only did we unequivocally meet all of the Independent School Standards, but the inspection team were also highly positive with regard to the quality of care, standard of teaching and the breadth of opportunity at Northampton High. The strength of our ambitious, learning without limits and inclusive school culture was evident and commented on by the inspectors.

The report, which can be read in it’s entirety here, starts with a summary of the main inspection findings, detailing the extent to which our school meets the Independent School Standards. It then divides into specific sections focusing on leadership, management, governance, pupils’ education, physical and mental health, social and economic wellbeing, and safeguarding. The new inspection framework places a significant focus on pupil voice and wellbeing. Unlike the old inspection framework, schools are no longer ‘graded’ and you will therefore not find any overall judgement of the school, as was the case in our last inspection in November 2019, where we received a double ‘Excellent’ grade for both pupil achievement and personal development. Instead, the new framework places pupil experience and outcomes, along with school culture, at the centre of the report. It provides a more holistic and pupil-centred view of whether schools do what they say they do.

Our report speaks directly to who we are and what a great school should be doing. We are exceptionally proud of our work so it is encouraging to have this formally acknowledged. Here are just a few of the key inspection findings:

“Pupils apply themselves readily to acquiring new skills and are willing to take risks in their learning.”

“Pupils value the numerous opportunities to contribute their ideas and views. They say they are listened to. Pupils can point to changes that are put in place in response to suggestions they have made. This is in part because of the positive relationships which the pupils develop with their teachers.”

“The school is led and managed effectively. Leaders across both the junior and senior schools work together as a coherent team to ensure that pupils from early years onwards are actively engaged and well supported in their learning as they progress through the school.”

“Pupils of all ages, including children in the early years, can get involved in community service projects. These activities improve pupils’ feelings of self-worth and promote their social development.”

“Leaders have a focus on promoting digital technology to inspire pupils to use technology effectively, confidently and successfully.”


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