For girls aged 4 – 11 years. Please follow the below steps:

Step One – Registration

Simply complete our online registration form which can be found here, and pay the registration fee of £75 by cheque or bank transfer.

Step Two – Taster Days, Assessments and Offers

Reception (age 4 – 5 years)

Once we receive your daughter’s registration form, we will write to you to offer a place for your daughter in Reception. There is no assessment for entry into our Reception class. Settle visits are arranged for June/July, when girls spend time with their peers and their teachers.

Years 1 – 6 (age 5 – 11 years)

Girls are invited to spend a morning (Year 1) or a day (Years 2 – 6) with us, in a class with girls of her own age, for a ‘taster morning or a taster day’, during which time she will complete assessments in English, Mathematics and Reading.

Feedback on your daughter’s time with us is shared with you and we offer places following the successful completion of our assessments. Further visits are arranged for the summer term, when your daughter will meet her peers and her new teacher.

Girls who sit the entrance assessment for entry into Year 5 and Year 6 are, as a rule, offered automatic progression to our Senior School.

Nearly all girls transfer to the Senior School at 11 for the next stage of their education.

Step Three – Accepting a place for your daughter

Upon making an offer of a place for your daughter, we will ask you to complete and return our acceptance documentation with a copy of your daughter’s birth certificate or passport, and to make the deposit payment of £500 to secure your daughter’s place with us.

The deposit will be refunded to you when your daughter leaves the school. There are a number of opportunities for girls and their families joining the school to get to know their teachers and peers before they start with us, including Welcome and Information Evenings, Welcome Days and other events, to ensure the transition to the High School is smooth and enjoyable for all.

For further information about how to apply, please contact us on or 01604 765765 (option 2 for Admissions).


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