Year 12 pupils visit Oxford Brookes University

Sixth Form students learn more about career and apprenticeship opportunities

On Wednesday 12 June, Year 12 enjoyed a visit to Oxford Brookes University to learn more about the opportunities that await them after Sixth Form. The day played host to a series of activities that were both thought-provoking and encouraging, providing greater insight into possible ‘next steps’ for our students.

The trip was divided into two parts, with the first half involving exploratory work around the city. Pupils were encouraged to visit some of Oxford’s famous museums and libraries to find something interesting relating to their subject. The activity encouraged participants to be creative in their thinking, which resulted in lots of fantastic findings and proved a great way to develop interests and knowledge beyond the curriculum!

During the second half of the day, our students enjoyed a university and apprenticeships fair where they were able to connect with representatives from a variety of organisations and educational institutions. Many of our Year 12 pupils are beginning to form their university and career preferences, so it was incredibly beneficial for them to learn more about potential routes from industry professionals!

The group returned to school feeling inspired after an exciting and informative day. We look forward to supporting the pupils as they navigate this important time and explore the many possibilities that are open to them!


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