A sense of belonging from the first moment

We aim to know and understand every girl, to be there for them when the going gets tough, and to be their cheerleader when they achieve something new or special.

By maintaining a traditional class teacher system, we ensure that each girl has someone there for them every day, both in an academic and pastoral capacity. Teachers make themselves available and we allocate time every day for mentoring, guiding and team-building. Assemblies allow us to instill a shared ethos and provide a platform to express our shared values, sing together and celebrate effort, progress, success and service.

As girls mature, they have new challenges to face and we have trained staff to deal with any health or
academic difficulties.

Of course, there is no magic formula that guarantees happiness and success; however, we have vast
experience generated from nearly 140 years in girls’ education and a desire to be the best we can be.

So, whenever there’s a stumble, our girls can always jump back up again…

‘They make you feel you can be anything at all, and you can really develop into yourself.’

— The Good Schools Guide, 2023

‘They provide amazing safety and amazing lessons. They also make sure everyone is feeling well. They make sure we have fun!’

— Student Survey, 2022


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