We believe in nourishing the self-confidence of every girl here to achieve their ambitions and fulfil their dreams.

Our programme of care and guidance is about forging a secure identity and forming friendships and connections to last a lifetime. Colleagues foster excellent working relationships with the students – and the warmth and strength of these bonds is a hallmark of the school that is invariably acknowledged by visitors. Tutors meet the girls daily and build a detailed knowledge of each individual.

Through tailored guidance that combines our knowledge of the shifting scene of Higher Education, training and the workplace with our understanding of students as individuals, we offer every girl a helping hand to negotiate the opportunities of Sixth Form.

Life isn’t always plain sailing, of course. That’s why our multi-layered support framework – personal tutor, pastoral lead, school counsellor, Director and Deputy Director of Sixth Form –  always offers a reassuring ear to listen, or another strategy to try.

A very relaxed air, but focused, and importantly, happy.

— The Good Schools Guide


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