Proud as we are of the exceptional results our girls gain, we don’t see school simply as a preparation for a life of tests.

In fact, we believe that school is about much, much more than academic assessments – because the true tests in life aren’t passed in an exam room.

We see  the real measure of success as the range and ambition of the destinations they subsequently choose. The academic results they achieve with us open the doors to exciting futures; in Architecture, Biomedical Sciences, Criminology… we could go through the alphabet!

Of course, there are also additional qualifications from successes in sport, arts, drama and music, as well as charity fundraising and personal adventures such as Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, World Challenge, Social Enterprise and Young Philanthropy.

GCSE Results 2023

  • 22% of grades at 9/A**
  • 42% of grades at 9/8/A*
  • 61% of grades at 9/8/7/A*/A

GCSE Results 2022

  • 38% of grades at 9/A**
  • 56% of grades at 9/8/A*
  • 71% of grades at 9/8/7/A*/A

GCSE Results 2021


These results were based on Teacher Assessed Grades per Covid-19 measures.

  • 36% of grades at 9/A**
  • 63.5% of grades at 9/8/A*
  • 81% of grades at 9/8/7A*/A


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