Our values are simple.

We believe in each and every one of our girls.  And they believe in themselves.

We take the time to get to know our girls really well – through 360˚.

Valuing each individual, we foster her confidence and give food for thought and space to grow.

We nurture her academic abilities, ignite her imagination and scatter her path with opportunities to stretch her mind, build her character and develop her talents.

Our aim for every girl is to prepare her for a happy, balanced and fulfilling life, empowering her and enabling her to become a leader of tomorrow.


We don’t just provide a first class education. We develop character. We help girls to be confident, resilient and fearless. In our schools, girls learn without limits: nothing holds them back.

As experts in education, we recognise that girls learn differently for a variety of reasons. So we have created environments in which every girl is able to thrive, whatever her disposition and direction.

We are committed to helping every girl fulfil her potential and her dreams, equipping her with the knowledge and social skills to thrive.

GDST girls will make their mark on the world, in their own way, and on their own terms.

But don’t take it from us. GDST girls speak for themselves. Happy. Healthy. Confident. Balanced.

— Cheryl Giovannoni, Chief Executive

Our work is infused with the spirit of the GDST.

In our schools, nothing holds a girl back.  Every opportunity is open to girls. They are encouraged to take on every role and every subject. And they step out into the world confident in their ability to take on any challenge they choose – whether the world is ready for them or not.

As leaders in educating girls, we focus on developing the skills and character to prepare them for the future.

Our teachers are dedicated to inspiring every one of our girls, and trained to unleash their potential.

Our schools offer a broad range of subject options, supported by the GDST to ensure our education is cutting-edge and forward-thinking.

Bespoke GDST skills workshops support life beyond and after school: from understanding finance to preparing your CV or asking for that pay rise.


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