Junior School

Junior School


We are interested in your daughter from her very first moment here. We know that she will be unique and have her own personal strengths and weaknesses. Our priority is to encourage and develop her existing interests but also to provide regular challenges and introduce her to new experiences, some of which will be short term but others will become life-long passions.

We take great pride in this relationship and work as a team with each family to make your daughter’s school years as happy and memorable as possible. Most schools advocate a broad curriculum, but we go out of our way to make it a reality. Girls are encouraged to find their voice and our staff members are happy to listen. If something new starts a buzz, we will adjust our provision accordingly, never wanting to become a stale environment.

There is no such thing as a typical Northampton High School girl as there is no set recipe: each girl receives different ingredients as she follows her own voyage of self-discovery.

Moving into Senior School then comes as a natural progression and our girls embrace new opportunities and relish fresh challenges, now confident in their ability to meet them


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