Year 4 visit Senior School for annual ceramics workshop

The Creative Arts Faculty welcome Year 4 into the Senior art rooms for a fabulous two-week workshop!

Miss Sanderson and Mrs Beacroft were delighted to welcome Year 4 to the Senior School Art department for their annual Ceramics Workshops.

This year, the group turned to the natural world and lighting as inspiration for their clay projects, making beautiful sea urchin tealight decorations that are worthy of any interior. Students learned new sculptural processes including coiling, hollowing out, slipping and scoring and creating negative shapes. Year 4 added decoration and surface texture using a range of tools including rubber kidneys, wooden modelling tools and of course the best tool for ceramics – our hands!

We are excited to see the results after these stoneware sculptures have been biscuit fired. Well done girls on another successful workshop – we cannot wait to see your creations on display at the Arts Festival on Wednesday 26 June!


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