Northampton High School host annual Dance Festival

Students across Junior and Senior School wow audiences with beautiful dance routines

The rhythmic pulse of excitement filled the air on Tuesday 23 March, as Northampton High School’s annual Dance Festival unfolded with a fresh format.

This year’s event embraced a new structure, blending performances from students across all age groups. From graceful ballet to energetic hip-hop, the stage became a canvas for students to showcase their creativity, passion and skill. It was an absolute pleasure to see the amazing achievements of all of our students and the PE staff were incredibly proud of their classes and all of the dancers who performed.

Female empowerment was the theme of the night with performers selecting music by inspirational female artists or tracks which make them feel empowered themselves. As the curtains drew to a close on this year’s Dance Festival, the echoes of applause were a testament to the collective dedication and community spirit.

Well done to all involved. We are looking forward to next year’s performances already!


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