Student Senior Leadership Team 2024-2025

Northampton High School was delighted to announce their new Head Girl Team

After a long and tense period, the waiting is over! A real highlight of our school year is the announcement of our prestigious Student Senior Leadership Team (SSLT).

The SSLT play an essential role within the school community, acting as an important bridge between students and the teaching staff, as well as organising and supporting school events. They embody the school’s ethos and values, are role models for our pupils and represent the very best of Northampton High School. Crucially, they help make the school an even better, richer experience for us all, strengthening our relationships with each other and encouraging us all to be ourselves and not someone else.

This year’s SSLT selection process was competitive and involved a written application followed by a formal interview. Additionally, each of the girls had to prepare and deliver a speech at Hustings in front of the whole school who then voted for their preferred candidates.

We are proud to announce the following newly appointed SSLT for 2024-2025:

Head Girl – Anushka T
Deputy Head Marketing – Laura C & Sahitya B
Deputy Head Patnerships – Shruthi P
Deputy Head Student Services – Li H
Deputy Head Undivided – Samiha C
Deputy Head Sustainability – Prachi P

Congratulations go to the SSLT of Northampton High School 2024-2025 with very best wishes for the year ahead. We look forward to seeing the girls making their mark over the next 12 months.


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