Students receive Head’s Commendation for exceptional work

Dr Lee, Head at Northampton High, recognises pupils for their contributions to school life

A huge congratulations to the students who received a Head’s Commendation this week!

This special award recognises pupils for their outstanding achievements, demonstrations of kindness and dedication to school life and we were delighted to celebrate the recipients for this half term!

During lunchtime on Wednesday 14 February, the nominated pupils and their teachers joined Dr Lee in the Senior foyer to commemorate this special achievement with certificates and sweets. A big well done to the group for their hard work and positive contributions to school life!

Cristina S-R – I have nominated Cristina for her exemplary behaviour and kindness to others. I was particularly struck by her extremely polite manners, holding doors open, saying thank you and showing gratitude. She is a very kind friend to her peers and is always described as such by her friends. Cristina is always respectful and even took the time to wish me a lovely day last week. Mrs Giordano

Sofia G-H – I nominated Sofia for her gripping entry for the G.D.S.T Creative writing competition. Sofia has explored the theme of kindness in a thought provoking and engaging way. During this task Sofia demonstrated the ability to think independently, persevere to ensure the best possible outcome and take risks to ensure that her story telling was original. Mrs Fordham

Artemisia U – She always makes an effort to include everyone and goes out of her way to ensure no one is left out. Mrs Dadge

Bahar C – Bahar has just started Latin as a new joiner this term in Year 8, so works independently on language in class – her prep is exceptional with painstaking research going far beyond the norm for Quintus’ school report and hero research. Mrs Peto
She cannot swim, has never been in a pool before and on her second swim lesson was travelling 10m on her back with floats showing a reasonable technique. This is excellent progress showing bravery, perseverance and focus. I was very impressed! Miss Fraser

Izzy S, Aiyven M & Poppy M – Yesterday, at the end of the match against Kimbolton, these girls made their way to the pavilion before me. Instead of sitting down, they went to the kitchen and began making squash and serving it out to the opposition. It was the most fantastic example of kindness, respect and mucking in to help out. I was so proud of them. Miss Fraser

Jasmine C – Jasmine has just started Latin as a new joiner this term in Year 8, so works independently on language in class – her progress so far is exceptional! Mrs Peto

Evie F – Evie started the year with a real lack of confidence. Reluctant to put pen to paper and even have a go at times, so scared of getting it wrong. She has totally turned this around and is now putting her hand up to answer and completing all tasks with pride. Amazing change in attitude and effort demonstrating true perseverance. Mrs Hatwood


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