Year 7 pupils reach national myth competition finals

Students win ‘Highly Commended’ in performance section of the Cambridge Schools Classics Project!

Many congratulations to six Year 7 students, who reached the finals of the national myth competition of the Cambridge Schools Classics Project! Teshvi G, Sami M and Ruby S entered the creative writing category with a really entertaining piece telling the myth of Pandora’s Box from different characters’ perspectives, whilst Evelyn H, Maisie T and Jessica U entered the performance category with a fantastic dance portraying the myth of King Midas. Their entries can be seen in the gallery on the competition website.

At the online national final, we enjoyed a myth quiz before the results were announced. The competition was very strong, with entries from almost 40 schools around the UK, so we were delighted when we found out that Evelyn, Maisie and Jessica won Highly Commended in the performance section. We really enjoyed the experience and congratulations to all the girls on their great achievement!


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