Year 10 attend Women in Engineering event

GCSE students enjoy visiting Nifty Lifts for their Women in Engineering event

Last week, Year 10 visited Nifty Lifts for their Women in Engineering event. The day kicked off with a brief tour of the production line, where they observed cherry-pickers at various stages of development. Then, they explored a separate area of the warehouse where a completed model allowed the group to control the arm and engage in a matching activity for different stages of product development.

Following this, Year 10 headed to the purchasing department, matching parts to their global production locations while enjoying some juice. In the IT department, they used CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and scale drawings to create a lift platform cage. A visit to a different area involved a mock assembly line activity, giving the group hands-on experience with various tools.

Upon completion, everyone received a gift bag. The highlight of the trip was ascending in the cherry pickers, providing a brilliant end to the day!


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