Erin competes at British Ice Skating Young Stars competition

Northampton High student demonstrates perseverance at most recent ice skating competition

Last week, Erin competed at the final British Ice Skating Young Stars competition of the year, hosted in Sheffield. Despite enduring a fracture to her wrist only the week before in training, Erin was determined not to withdraw from the event, and competed at the highest level of the competition!

BIS is the national regulatory body for ice skating and Young Stars is BIS’s national competition for under 13s, held 3 times a year with entries at Beginner, National 1, National 2 and National 3 levels.

Despite competing with her broken wrist and having to tone her routine down as a result, Erin scored highly enough to place 7th in her category and successfully pass both the technical and the components parts of the skating assessments to progress to National 4.

Erin’s perseverance at this prestigious competition was remarkable and her love for the sport was truly evident. We would like to congratulate Erin for this incredible achievement and wish her all the best in her recovery.


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