Northampton High commemorate Black History Month with special celebrations

School community were delighted to celebrate Black History Month with a series of educational events

In line with this year’s Black History Month theme, ‘Saluting our Sisters’, Northampton High School GDST were proud to pay homage to Black women and their invaluable contributions to society.

Black History Month is a very special occasion in the Northampton High School calendar, and every year the school community describes the celebrations as both educational and inspiring. Enhancing students’ understanding of Black history and racial discrimination, staff facilitated a programme of enriching events to further educate pupils on the suppression of Black women; notably the silencing of their voices and the sidelining of their ideas. In a school that is made for girls, Northampton High believe ‘saluting our sisters’ and raising the profile of women is invaluable for inspiring the next generation, and we were delighted to spotlight Black females during this dedicated month.

Commencing our celebrations on Monday 2 October, Northampton High welcomed Anthea Davis Barclay, poet, writer and motivational speaker into school for an insightful assembly on how to celebrate and support friends. Attending bespoke seminar sessions, hosted by Anthea, Year 9 and Year 12 learned about the racial discrimination she had faced during childhood and listened as she shared her brilliant poetry, which highlights Black history themes such as the Windrush Generation.

Inspired by Anthea’s visit, the High School’s feminist society, Femsock, delivered an exceptional assembly titled ‘Celebrating our Sisters’. In this presentation, pupils recognised inspirational black women that they look up to on a daily basis – from sisters, friends and educators, to mums, aunties and grandparents. The group shared personal accounts of why these women are so special to them and delivered touching speeches on the importance of sisterhood.

Senior students were delighted to attend a fantastic hair workshop, also hosted by Femsock members, where they learned how to protect and style Black hair. Insightful suggestions on how the community could improve its understanding of Black Hair were discussed, as well as the do’s and don’ts in regards to asking questions about it.

Learning opportunities were not limited to Senior School, with pupils from Year 1 upwards joining in on the celebrations. Enjoying reading activities, group discussions, research projects and class presentations, Junior students enjoyed finding out about the achievements and contributions of remarkable black women. Saluting sisters such as Rosa Parks and Simone Biles, pupils identified lots of inspirational black females who, through activism, politics, writing, sporting achievements and much more, have shaped the world we live in today.

As always, Northampton High’s Black History Month celebrations were very well received, with students thrilled to learn more about the history of Black people and the contributions of Black women. Grateful to staff, students and our guest speaker for hosting excellent sessions throughout the month, our school community were thrilled to celebrate and salute their Black sisters for all they continue to do.


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