Year 9 pupils participate in The Youthbridge Award

Students take part in The Youthbridge Award, an annual scheme that rewards German linguists

Congratulations to our Year 9 pupils for their participation in this year’s Youthbridge Award!

The Youthbridge Award takes place every year and is organised by the British-German Association to raise the profile of German in schools across the UK. The award scheme gives prizes and certificates for the best projects submitted by students in each participating school. Its aim is to encourage students to continue with German at GCSE and beyond.

This year, the competition was entered by our Year 9 linguists, and I am pleased to say that they rose to the challenge. As always, the standard of entries was very high and our pupils produced excellent projects.

Congratulations to Lilybella U, Sherain K and Atmaja T who won the first prize in the Youthbridge Awards for Excellence in German (2022/23). The group applied their language skills excellently, creating a video about a detective who solves a murder mystery.

Savannah M, Katie F, Ahriana S, Holly H and Isla N received second prize for creating a role play scenario in a restaurant. I didn’t think that going to a German restaurant could be this dangerous – I will certainly make sure that I pay my food bill now!

Our third prize winners, Tanya M, Lucy E and Grace C also enjoyed a meal in a restaurant, but this time as world famous celebrities being chased by cameras and flashing lights.

Well done to everyone who took part!


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