Update from the school Eco Team

It has been another busy year for the Eco Team at Northampton High!

Our wonderful Eco Team have been very busy over the last few months and we are very proud of their continued efforts to help the planet. Through the organisation of fundraisers and events, we are proud to have helped various charities and supported local wildlife.

Marine conservation society bake sale: On Wednesday 22 March, the Eco Team ran a bake sale to support the Marine Conservation society, a charity that removes plastic from the ocean to protect the UK’s coastlines. Thanks to the help of all our members, we raised £144!

Green Flag application: We are currently applying for a renewal of our Green Flag, an award that is given to schools working hard to protect the environment. The Eco Team always works hard on the application, spending many meetings completing the paperwork to prove our school’s amazing environmental work!

Litter picks: The Eco Team goes on at least one litter pick a term, going round the whole school to remove any waste. We make sure there is no litter on site so that no waste ends up hurting animals.

Bird feeder update: Recently, we fundraised using Just Giving to buy more food and feeders for the birds. We raised over £50 which has gone towards new feeders and new varieties of food, such as fat balls, to encourage lots of birds to the school. We still have some money left and it is being saved for food in the autumn and winter when it becomes cold. Thank you to anyone who donated!

One Tree Day bake sale: On Wednesday 21 June, the Eco Team held a bake sale at break time for One Tree Day, a charity that plants one tree for every £1. Thanks to the amazing sweet treats provided by the Eco Team, we raised over £100.


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