Students of all ages in Senior School enjoy end of year residentials

Geneva, Switzerland was just one of the beautiful locations enjoyed by our students in the penultimate week of this academic year

As is customary as we head towards the close of the academic year, a host of our students head off with their peers for one of our exciting and enriching trips and residentials. This year has been no different, and throughout this article you will read about three of the visits that have taken place in July.

We start with our Sixth Formers, who have been on the trip of a lifetime to Geneva, Switzerland! One of the main attractions of this trip was for our students to visit CERN; the European Organization for Nuclear Research. CERN is one of the world’s largest and most respected centres for scientific research, and it was a truly wonderful experience to be able to pay it a visit, as we learned all about splitting the atom and many other exciting topics! Our students also had the opportunity to visit the United Nations Office in Geneva, climb mountains and even make their own chocolate as they made memories that will last a lifetime.

The second of our trips that has been enjoyed this week features our Year 9 pupils, who headed to the Lakes to take part in their Outward Bound residential! Our students take part in Outward Bound every year, and it gives them the opportunity to take part in lots of fun individual and team bonding exercises and activities. On the agenda this year included the infamous ‘jog and dip’, walks to the top of Little Mell Fell, cliff jumping, tunnelling and more; our students even found the time to be interviewed by BBC Radio Cumbria!

Our final residential visit of the week has seen our Year 7 cohort head to Preston Montford Field Studies Centre in Shropshire for our annual visit. Students took part in a whole range of exciting activities during their week-long stay. We investigated the impacts of tourism at Carding Mill Valley, enjoyed beautiful walks with amazing views and learned all about Welsh myths by the shore of Lyn Idwal; all before heading to Shrewsbury to carry out some research on rebranding. A trip to Ironbridge followed where we learned all about the Industrial Revolution, before closing the residential with a customary campfire singalong.


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