Speech Day and Prize Giving celebrations

Northampton High School congratulates pupils for their outstanding achievements across the academic year

On Wednesday 12 July, Northampton High welcomed a capacity crowd into school for our Speech Day and Prize Giving event. Celebrating students from across the school, it was wonderful to recognise pupils for their hard work and outstanding achievements.

The special evening was an opportunity to reflect on another marvellous year at Northampton High and congratulate those who have shown true dedication to school life. In a school filled with diligent, driven and determined individuals, we take great pride in celebrating our pupils and their contributions to our school community.

We were delighted to be joined by our keynote speaker, Mandy Hickson, former Royal Air Force pilot and Human Factors facilitator for this memorable event. Delivering an exceptional speech on the challenges she has overcome to become a female fighter pilot, audiences were impressed by her perseverance and dedication, which led to her unique and fascinating career. Hearing her story of resilience and success was inspiring for our pupils, and Mandy certainly set the tone for a noteworthy evening dedicated to celebrating their achievements!

At Northampton High School, our broad and diverse curriculum enables students to discover their passions and talents. With the help of our innovative and expert teachers, students become curious learners and believe in themselves. Many of the awards at our Speech Day and Prize Giving celebration recognised pupils for their perseverance in a given subject and their dedication to meet outstanding standards of academic achievement. Noting the successes of our student body throughout the year, it was wonderful to see plenty of awards given for English, Mathematics, Science, Languages, Sport and Performing Arts.

Extending further than timetabled subjects, the celebratory event also recognised pupils for outstanding co-curricular achievements, leadership responsibilities, and for demonstrating key intellectual characteristics that we prize at Northampton High School. We were delighted to award special School and GDST awards to deserving recipients for their remarkable efforts throughout the year. Inviting recent alumnae and joining pupils to the event, it was marvellous to congratulate past, present and future students throughout the evening. Reflecting on the most recent public examination results, distinguished pupils were awarded the Linda Mayne award for magnificent GCSE results, and students with excellent A Level grades received the Marsden Gee award. Looking ahead to the upcoming academic year, we were thrilled to commend recipients of our Reach, Flair and Spirit scholarships.

We look back fondly at a wonderful year here at Northampton High School and look ahead to a year of prosperity and success. Thank you to our school community for your continued support and congratulations to our pupils for their fantastic accomplishments!

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