Northampton High School commemorates 145 years of pioneering girls education

Northampton High celebrate the 145th anniversary of its opening with memorable assembly and birthday traditions

Northampton High School is celebrating its 145th birthday this year, a remarkable milestone that highlights the school’s long-standing reputation as a leading institution in girls-only education. Since its founding in 1878, the High School has nurtured generations of bright and ambitious young women, empowering them to achieve personal success and make a positive impact in the world.

Celebrating in traditional fashion, our entire staff and student body came together for a whole school birthday assembly. Leading the morning’s celebrations, Dr Lee reflected on the school’s rich history, as well as looking forward to a future of continued excellence in girls’ education.

Embracing the special moment, our school community sat proudly for a whole school photograph; a picture that is sure to have a proud place in the Northampton High archives.

As is tradition, the birthday assembly was concluded with the annual cutting of the celebratory cake. Accompanying Dr Lee and Miss Hair, Head of Junior School, for the special moment were Northampton High’s youngest and eldest students, as well as pupils who had also celebrated their own birthday the same week. The cutting of the cake marks another year of Northampton High’s legacy and its continued commitment to their core values and mission.

Commenting on the special anniversary of the school’s opening, Dr Lee said “Our 145th birthday is a cause for celebration and reflection. As we mark this milestone, we honour the school’s rich history and the thousands of young women who have passed through its doors, and we look forward to a future of continued excellence in girls’ education. Through the school’s modern motto, ‘We believe in our girls and they believe in themselves’, we hope that we remain true to the original spirit and ethos of the school. A school that proudly puts girls first and a place of diversity, inclusivity, and community. May our school continue to flourish and here’s to the next 145 years – Happy Birthday Northampton High!”

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