Year 10 students enjoy Festo STEM Trip

Northampton High students take part in a STEM workshop all about Festo and it’s work with automation and AI

On Thursday afternoon, Year 10 travelled to Brackmills to take part in a STEM workshop.

They found out all about Festo and it’s work with automation and AI. They enthusiastically tackled pneumatic circuit problems, showing great resilience and resourcefulness. The engineers in charge of the programme complimented the girls on their collaborative approach, and the high level of problem solving skills they showed.

“We were apprehensive at the beginning as we didn’t know what we were getting into, but we really enjoyed ourselves. We worked together, persevering through the challenging moments, and overall we learnt a lot about ourselves and engineering”. Lexi, Erin and Lucy

“I really enjoyed looking at all the different robots. The CD one was the best. Overall I think it was a great experience”. Maisie

“I enjoyed collaborating during the hands-on experiences and seeing different aspects of subjects I have taken for GCSE combined under one umbrella”. Arna


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