Year 1 and 2 enjoy a wonderful visit to Cadbury World

Junior School pupils visit Cadbury World for a fun filled day of chocolate tasting and learning outside the classroom!

On Tuesday 14 March, Year 1 and 2 enjoyed an exciting trip to Cadbury World.

The group set off early, with a buzz of excitement due to the prospect of chocolate! Beginning the Cadbury Adventure in the Rainforest, they learned about where cocoa beans come from and the ingredients used to make chocolate.

It was great to see what the first Cadbury chocolate shop looked like and how they started their chocolate making! Whilst watching how cocoa beans are shaken to remove the husks, students’ seats began shaking too, which caused a lot of laughter! 

The chocolate rooms were great fun and the girls loved moving the chocolate across the marble counters with spatulas and writing their names. It was certainly a messy day that required lots of hand washing! The girls were thrilled to be given a cup of melted chocolate afterwards that could be customised with different chocolate delights and eaten! The Cadbury Adventure ended with a ride through Cadbury Land and a group photograph.

After pack lunches, Year 1 and 2 had an interesting talk about the variety of chocolate products that Cadbury’s produce and leaned more about the company’s history, identifying an inspirational figure in Dorothy Adlington Cadbury, their first female director.

After a busy day of learning outside the classroom, our pupils returned to school with smiley faces and chocolate bars to take home.


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