Northampton High School celebrates Head’s Commendation winners

Head at Northampton High, Dr Lee, recognises students for their achievements and dedication to school life

A huge congratulations to the wonderful students who received a Head’s Commendation this half term!

On behalf of everyone at Northampton High School, we would like to congratulate you on your hard work, kindness and dedication to school life.

Sophie – “For always looking for ways to improve her work and for demonstrating excellent team work”. Miss Gill

Amelie – “For her engaging short story inspired by ‘The Promise’ by Nicola Davies.” Mrs Fordham

Hattie and Emma – “For their support of a new student arriving at an unusual time in the school year for Year 11. Their kindness and empathy are noted and much appreciated”. Mr Rickman

Miley – “For her high quality prep work and huge effort in all lessons. She has a particularly individual way of using her creativity to illustrate her work and support her understanding and a number of her pieces of work have been used in displays.” Dr Lines

Lucy – “She has an exceptional work ethic and her recent end of unit essay reflected her hard work and enthusiasm. She addressed her individual progress targets and her essay demonstrated previous collaboration, risk taking and her independent approach. It was a pleasure to read.” Mrs Earl

Elouise – “She consistently requests and completes additional work and has such an enthusiasm for learning that it is infectious! Her kindness and support for her peers is admirable and she takes pride in absolutely everything that she does.” Mrs Latimer


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