GCSE and A Level textiles students visit Africa Fashion exhibit and Liberty store

Northampton High students enjoy an inspiring trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum before exploring Liberty London department store

On Friday 10 February, GCSE and A Level Textiles students took a research trip to London to visit the Africa Fashion exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum. During their trip, they also visited Liberty London, a luxury department store on Great Marlborough Street in the West End.

Upon entering the museum, the students were stunned by the wide variety of things to explore and the range of styles, patterns and designs showcased. Inspired by the pieces on display, the pupils ventured around the different areas of the museum, assessing how they could incorporate certain elements into their own work. The African Fashion exhibition was particularly fascinating, displaying different clothing styles from many parts of Africa and exploring how fashion has changed throughout time.

After exploring the museum, the A Level and GCSE group made their way to Liberty, a six-floor department store that houses a whole host of luxury goods. Moving through the shop, the students explored the many different departments, from skincare and perfume to clothing and shoes. On the second, ground and lower ground floors, they scanned the selection of designer vintage clothing; the collection stretches from Louis Vuitton handbags to vintage wedding dresses. Liberty is well known for its huge collection of beautiful fabrics, specifically of botanical and floral prints, and the pupils enjoyed spending time browsing the shelves.

The group had a wonderful time in London and arrived back to school feeling truly inspired by the incredible work they had seen.


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