GCSE and A Level Arts students travel to London to visit the Tate Modern

Pupils enjoyed the trip as part of their GCSE and A Level curriculum

In the week before half term, our GCSE and A Level students travelled to London to engage with art in Tate Modern. The visit takes place at a crucial stage in their studies, as both examination papers have been released. This link will take you to some of the shows that we had access to.

We asked a group of Year 11 students what they enjoyed the most. Eva loved looking at the sculptures, Li marvelled at the organic shapes and geometric abstractions of Bartuszová, and her use of plaster to reference forms from nature. Lois was intrigued by Lynn Hershman and her Feminism. Alec enjoyed the variety of art shown in the different gallery spaces and Nicole commented that it was great to view art with friends. ‘Carnival’ produced in 1920 by Max Beckmann was Anna’s favourite piece. It felt so wonderful to take our students out of the classroom to see art for real, rather than always directing students to books and websites.

We enjoyed the fresh air and blue sky as we walked over the Millennium Bridge. Now we are back in school, our next task is to record the visit in sketchbooks, analysing pieces and including a range of images to inspire future creativity. Irana and Tiffany in Year 12 have already begun to adapt Bartuszová practices, using mod roc and plaster to sculpt forms.


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