Year 7 students enjoyed a House Hockey tournament!

Our Year 7 students took part in a House Hockey competition as a way to test player’s skills and consider improvements for the future

This year’s Year 7 House Hockey tournament was an amazing chance for pupils to showcase their sporting progress this term. There were some epic wins, and some losses, but the tournament was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

The Captains had to display great organisational skills in order to encourage and coordinate the Hestia, Artemis, Selene and Demeter teams. There were 2 competitions running; one was an indoor competition and one was an outdoor competition.

In the indoor competition it was only Demeter vs Artemis, as Hestia and Selene didn’t have enough players. Artemis won and the score was 3-1.  The first matches outdoors were Selene vs Hestia and Artemis vs Demeter. Selene and Hestia drew 0-0, and although no goals were scored it was an encouragement for Selene, as the loss of 3 players through illness was substantial. The Artemis vs Demeter score was 3-0 to Artemis, and in the second game Demeter played Hestia with the score being 1-0 to Demeter. Selene then lost against Demeter, the score being 2-0. In the third match Artemis played Selene and the final score was 2-0 to Artemis. Hestia and Demeter also met with the score being  1-0 to Demeter.

The final placings were as follows: First place – Artemis, Second place – Demeter, Third place – Hestia, Fourth place – Selene.

Well done to everyone who took part!


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