Year 10 & 11 enjoy a ‘Women in Engineering’ experience!

Students enjoy a once in a lifetime experience at Nifty Lifts in Milton Keynes

On Wednesday last week, a group of Year 10 and 11 went to Nifty Lifts in Milton Keynes for a Women In Engineering experience. Here is their account of their visit.

‘We took part in various activities such as using CAD to design a switch, putting on a tyre and even driving our own cherry pickers. The highlight for most of us though was the opportunity to go up in the HR28 (24m high) where we could see all of Milton Keynes and even the Northampton lift tower. It was a very inspiring experience with so many women engineers providing us with information on their expert area and different pathways to the engineering industry. We found it very interesting to learn more about engineering and understand more about potential future careers.

This was the first time we had been on this particular experience. It was packed full of different hands on activities from beginning to end and provided many new opportunities to the students. We hope to repeat the visit in future years.


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