STEM students from Northampton High School visit San Francisco

Students from Northampton High visit San Francisco for an enriching STEM experience!

During the half term break, Northampton High students from Year 11 and Sixth Form travelled to San Francisco, accompanied by devoted members of staff, for a fun-filled activity-packed STEM trip!

At Northampton High, we recognise the importance of learning outside of the classroom and prioritise providing enriching opportunities for our students. During their time in San Francisco, our students visited many fascinating locations and monuments, spending time exploring some of San Francisco’s most renowned places.

Whilst in America, the students had the opportunity to visit Google headquarters, home to a world-class research team and many incredible projects, providing an inspiring insight into futures in science and technology! The Computer History Museum also proved a great visit, with visual and interactive activities enabling our students to explore just how far technology has developed over time. A particularly fantastic time was had at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, where students competed against one another in a ‘cutest picture’ contest, which was ultimately won by Phoebe T for her wonderful photo of a stingray.

It was a busy week for the STEM group, who enjoyed a range of activities and visited some beautiful areas. The students particularly enjoyed taking a cable car over the city, where they could view San Francisco in all its glory at night time. Fisherman’s Wharf was another highlight of the trip, with lots of things to do, areas to eat and places to shop making it some of the student’s favourite part of the trip! Taking a boat to Alcatraz was an unforgettable part of the San Francisco experience, as they were able to explore the famous prison and learn more about the inmates’ living conditions.

We are extremely pleased that our students had such a wonderful time on this trip and have made memories to last a lifetime, connecting with like minded STEM peers whilst enjoying new experiences together. A huge thank you to the fabulous staff members who ensured the time in San Francisco was well spent and fun-filled!


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