Students enjoy a live virtual author visit with Robin Stevens!

We were delighted to welcome the author back to Northampton High virtually, as part of a GDST collaboration

On Wednesday afternoon, the Year 4 and 7 girls were lucky to attend the live streaming of author Robin Stevens’ visit to fellow GDST school Norwich High. Robin is well known for writing the incredibly popular Murder Most Unladylike series and began by telling us a little about her own background and how this has formed her writing, along with her fascination for detective and mystery writing.

Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong attend Deepdean School for Girls, not unlike the school Robin attended when younger, they set up their own detective agency but struggle to find any real crimes to investigate. Then Hazel discovers the Science mistress, Miss Bell, lying dead in the gym. The series, set in the 1930s reached its successful conclusion a few years ago.

Robin’s new book, The Ministry of Unladylike Activity is out now and to quote Robin, it “is about new beginnings, teamwork and the way every person can work to make the world around them a better place. And, of course, spying and murder!” In war-torn 1940s Britain, would-be spy May Wong and her friend Eric, try to get themselves evacuated to Elysium Hall, home to the wealthy Verey family. If they can prove one of the family is spying for Germany, the Ministry will have to take them on! But then someone is murdered.

Robin is like Agatha Christie for young people and I’m sure her new book and the series of books to follow will be hugely successful.


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