Mental Health Awareness Day at Northampton High

In celebration of World Mental Health Day, Northampton High hosted a week long programme of activities to help students focus on their mental health and wellbeing

On Monday 10 October, our Wellbeing Team led our school assembly with a wonderful presentation from our Year 13 student Eliza to kick off Mental Health Awareness Day. The pupils learned about the benefits of being aware of our mental health and the simple steps we can take to grow a healthy and happy mind. In Eliza’s fantastic speech, which you can read in full here, she advocated against the social stigma surrounding mental health and assured her peers that support is available to those who may need it. Following this, Mrs Giordano encouraged pupils to distract their mind and be present in their body, leading simple, yet effective exercises to achieve this.

The wellbeing of our students and staff is a top priority at Northampton High, and we place huge emphasis on helping our students to build strong foundations and key tools for their future. We continued this focus with a week of fun activities, including a lunchtime mindful walk on the school grounds, where staff and students from both Junior and Senior School embraced the positive impact that exercise can have on their mental state.

Our new wellbeing area has been a hub of positive energy this week, with pupils taking time to pause in this calming space, sharing practical ways of ‘what keeps my mind healthy?’ and creating empowering affirmations for themselves. We have been delighted to hear such positive conversations on mental health from students of all ages. Additionally, our ‘take what you need posters’ that are decorating the corridors have been a big success, encouraging pupils to recognise their needs by carrying words of motivation in their pockets as a way to be kind to their mind.

Northampton High is devoted to student welfare and is proud to have incredible specialists and wellbeing resources accessible to our pupils. Our enthusiasm to continue the conversation surrounding mental health continues to be a priority in supporting our students at school in order to enhance their futures.


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