Junior School pupils at Northampton High visit Tilia Homes’ Landimore Park

On Friday 14 October, competition winners from our Junior School visited Tilia Homes’ Landimore Park in Hardingstone to bury a commemorative time capsule.

Northampton High has collaborated with Tilia Homes on an exciting time capsule project to show future generations what living in Northampton was like in 2022!

Earlier this term, pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 were given the challenge of creating posters, expressing their favourite things about living in Northampton and the surrounding areas. From spending time in local parks and kayaking in nearby rivers, to visiting independent cafes and attending cake sales, the students wrote all about the special memories they have in the places they live. Tilia Homes’ selected the winning entries, which were full of detail and colour and contained some fantastic drawings of the pupil’s favourite parts of Northampton.

On Friday 14 October, the selected winners were invited to Landimore Park to help bury the time capsule and visit the development. The location of the capsule will be marked with a personalised plaque to commemorate the occasion, with the girls receiving an extended invitation to bring family and friends to view their contribution to the site.

At Northampton High School, we are enthusiastic about joining in on community affairs and collaborating with local developers, as a way of welcoming newcomers into the area that we already know and love. Our Junior School pupils loved being involved in this project and they are excited at the prospect of the time capsule being excavated and explored in 70 years’ time!


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