Black History Month at Northampton High

In celebration of Black History Month, Northampton High students have enjoyed a range of activities, events and informative assemblies

During October, we joined in on the Black History Month celebrations here at Northampton High, educating our students on black history, black culture and black role models.

On Monday 3 October, we had the pleasure of welcoming Dr Marcella Daye from the University of Northampton, who led an assembly on the importance of Black History Month. Dr Daye spoke to the pupils about the necessity of this celebration and its significance, beginning her speech with a recap of history, explaining the oppression faced by people of colour throughout time. She continued by recognising the achievements of Northampton-born Dame Pat McGrath, described by Vogue as the most influential make-up artist in the world who ‘dreamt in colour’ and became a pioneer in the beauty industry and beyond.

Our informative assemblies continued, this time in the form of collaboration with the Science faculty, as Mrs Vizor spoke to the students about black women in space. Incorporating important topics from Black History Month and World Space Week, pupils learnt about Mary Jackson, the first black female engineer at NASA who fought for her right to education, and Mae Jemison, the first black woman to visit space. These women are true inspirations to our students, with their stories showcasing what incredible things black women can achieve, even in the face of discrimination.

Celebrations continued throughout school, with various opportunities to learn more about black role models, as well as appreciate the work of black artists. Every Friday, pupils and staff have had the pleasure of listening to music of Black origin in the dining hall, which has been a fantastic way to appreciate the talent of these musicians.


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