Northampton High’s annual Clubs Fair proves a huge success once again

Students at Northampton High were inspired and excited by the extensive range of clubs on offer this year!

Earlier this term, students at Northampton High attended our annual Clubs Fair. With an extensive range of activities to get involved in, this event ensures every pupil can sign up for clubs that spark an interest and challenge their skills. Commitment to clubs allows students to truly excel in their chosen activities, receiving specialist teaching to encourage progress and confidence, broadening their range of skills and igniting different passions.

We believe the opportunity to thrive and enjoy extracurricular activities is both enriching and fulfilling for our pupils. Additionally, the girls are able to bond with each other over their shared interests and aid one another’s learning.

Students are able to join multiple clubs, including our enthusiastic Eco-Team, our ‘FemSock’ feminists, and our Fashion Sessions and ‘Sewing Bee’ groups, to name just a few.

The Clubs Fair was a wonderful success this year and it was great to see the girls inspired by the many possibilities on offer. We look forward to seeing what new skills our pupils learn this year and where their new hobbies may take them!


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