Year 8 attend Go Ape outdoor activity centre!

Pupils attended the outdoor activity centre and took part in a host of enriching activities

On Friday 8 July, Year 8 pupils attended Go Ape outdoor activity centre in Coventry. The weather was lovely and despite some nerves the year group were excited – for a day out of the classroom for some, while others were really looking forward to tackling the course!

There were several ‘loops’ on offer for students to try, some loops were shorter than others and some were harder than others. Everyone’s level of challenge is different, but challenge is challenge no matter what it is, and how we control our feelings and respond to others is a key skill to learn. Often one we have to keep learning. Tackling fears at all ages is challenging proving the process of self-development never stops.

We were not surprised that Year 8 were fabulous. Some whizzed around the course laughing and screaming with joy, others were cautious but determined and worked their way methodically around. Some found the physicality of the course tough, some had to work through their fear of heights, or enclosed spaces. Whatever it was, they all found a way.

Some pupils were hesitant to begin with and then unstoppable, some thought they were fine and found one part incredibly challenging. Everyone’s experience was different, and they will each have learned something and have memories and experiences to take away and reflect on. It might look fun to find things easy, but growth comes from the tough times and the hard moments. It is what happens when we learn what we can do in spite of our reservations, fears or negative inner voice. This is the message of the COaCH programme and I hope is something everyone who came along has taken from the day.



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