Year 7 visit Shrewsbury for annual residential trip

Students visited Snowdonia, Ironbridge and more as part of their trip to Shropshire

On Monday 4 July, Year 7 set off for a residential to Shropshire. We stayed at Preston Montford Field Studies Centre and we all had a great time! After arriving we had a picnic lunch and headed straight to our first investigation at Carding Mill Valley. We enjoyed seeing the natural beauty, such as v-shaped valleys and streams. We focused on how tourism was affecting the landscape and how the National Trust tried to restore any damage to the landscape.  

On the second day of the residential, we visited Snowdonia National Park. We learnt about the historic glacial activity and the very old rocks (some were half a billion years old). Mr Earp especially enjoyed telling us about the many boring myths from around the mountains! The views from around Snowdonia were surreal.  

On day three, our mission was to rebrand Shrewsbury. Although many of us thought the best part of the day was the shopping, we also enjoyed being able to interview locals, students and even tourists. We used the information that we collected to study on the improvements that Shrewsbury would need for the future. 

On our last full day, we travelled to Coalbrookdale and Ironbridge to learn about the history of iron and the Iron Bridge. In the museum we learnt about one of the multiple furnaces used to create the pieces of Iron Bridge. After visiting the Iron Bridge itself, we had time to interview the locals to see how they think the Ironbridge made a difference to their local area.

On the return journey of our residential, we stopped off at Ludlow Castle; we learnt about how Ludlow was built to defend the people inside. We visited the different parts of the castle and learnt about the different defence systems.

Overall, we had an amazing time learning about the natural beauty of Shropshire.


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