Mural painting in Hardingstone village

We are delighted to have played a part in this wonderful community project

On Monday this week, Year 6 and volunteer students from Year 12 took part in a community project at Hardingstone Rec. St Edmunds Church in Hardingstone is working together with an internationally acclaimed mural artist, Nicki Blanchard (Deux), to produce a vibrant mural which depicts the last 70 years through images of historical events and music. The mural has been designed collaboratively within the community, it is a nod to the Queen’s jubilee and in celebration of the community and our hopes for the future.

The project will continue over the coming months and members of the Hardingstone community will work together to collaboratively paint the 70-meter-long concrete wall following Nicki’s painting by numbers instructions. Shown here our students are painting the background ready for Nicki to add the intricate outlines for the next stage.

If you would like to take part in a mural painting session, please email


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