Year 7 and 8 District Athletics Competition

Our students travelled to Daventry to take part in the prestigious district event

On Wednesday 8 June, the Year 7 and 8 Athletics team took part in the District Athletics competition in Daventry. Students were excited about the days events, and vowed to give it their all.

Lyra got the team off to a good start. She showed a good attitude when entering the hurdle race at the last minute with her efforts paying off as she finished 2nd. Natalie was up next with the long jump and secured 2nd place, quickly followed by Isla in the 100m sprint where she achieved a solid 6th place. Poppy was up next showing good arm technique and strength in the discus, leading her to finish in 3rd. Ellie followed this and ran a valiant race in the 1500m, before Lyra zoomed her way through our halfway point finishing 6th in the 200 meters.

With just the last 4 events to go, the team were in positive spirits, helped by the strong first half performances. Isla and Lily started off the second half with their events at the same time. Isla, in her second event of the day, the shot putt, performed well and she finished 10th amongst some strong competition. Lily was a star, coming 1st in high jump, and not only that but also gaining her new personal best of 1.28m! In Poppy’s second event she was determined to better her discus performance of third place earlier in the day – and she did it, coming 2nd in the javelin. After that it was a track event with Bella doing 800 meters, she ran a fantastic race and led the whole way but was pipped when crossing the line to earn 2nd. After all of these outstanding events and performances, the relay team (Bella, Lily, Isla and Lyra) couldn’t wait to get on the track, and the team secured a fantastic 2nd place trophy.

Congratulations to all of our students for their fantastic performances!


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