Cultures Day – Friday 17 June

Our school’s first Cultures Day event was a huge success

On Friday 17 June, the school held its first Cultures Day. The main purpose of the event was to bring to life the diverse student body, learning from each other as we unite as one.

The day consisted of a variety of exciting activities for both the Junior School and Senior School students. Pupils had the opportunity to dress proudly in what they felt represented their cultural identity. A highlight for many pupils and visitors was the workshops on offer. Each workshop was unique and insightful, a few examples being Mehndi Design, Kung Fu, La Fete de la Musique and the Indonesian art of Batik textiles.

At lunchtime, students enjoyed the offer of three culturally inclined meals in the dining hall as well as the ‘Around the World’ Market, where many students chose to run a stall. In the lead up to Cultures Day, all students collaborated in making ‘Banner of Flags’ for the foyer. This was a huge success in which we saw the mass of people represented. As the day came to a close, in assembly we saw an array of confident pupils expressing who they are in a show of fashion and culture. We were also fortunate to watch a Bharatanatyam dance performance as well as a performance inspired by the iconic British pop group, The Spice Girls.

Overall the day was embraced by the students with much enthusiasm as we brought to school the excitement of cultures from across the globe. The day was very valuable and an outstanding success which has encouraged pupils to feel pride in their cultures, as well as being more educated of the world around them.


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