Spotlight on Sport: Faith

In this edition, we shine the sporting spotlight onto Faith and the exciting world of Ice Hockey!

I have always enjoyed ice skating and quite liked the idea of being a figure skater. On a trip to the ice rink in Uttoxeter for my cousin’s birthday, I saw a poster for ice hockey lessons and decided I would like to give it a try.

I enrolled on the next course and started in September 2020 in Milton Keynes. I really enjoyed the classes and realised it was much more than figure skating! The lessons were a lot of fun – half was skating skills and half hockey practices. I passed Level 1 after just 6 weeks and then carried on from there.

Once I had completed all 8 levels I was invited for a trial with MK Storm, the junior ice hockey team. Despite being really nervous, I was offered a place on the U14’s. I now train on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, games are usually on Saturday. I also enjoy going to watch the MK Lightning games with my family.



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