Raise Her Up – When The World Feels Like A Scary Place

The latest edition of the GDST podcast is available to listen to now

As events unfold in Ukraine, and the world seems to get no less frightening even as Covid retreats, we welcome South Hampstead GDST Alumna Professor Abi Gewirtz to this episode of Raise Her Up to share her wisdom with us.

As Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University and Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Psychology, child psychologist Professor Gewirtz is well-placed to understand the anxiety and uncertainty our young people have been through in the past two years. Her book ‘When The World Feels Like A Scary Place’ came out last year and has become the go-to for many parents and carers who want to know how to chat to their children and reassure them.

It’s a much-needed episode for so many parents out there. Listen now by clicking here or from wherever you get your podcasts.


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