Mr Donaldson publishes sequel to much loved book ‘Rain Town’

‘Rain Town 2 – Return of the Raven’ is available to purchase now!

Our multi-talented Head of History, Mr Donaldson, is back with the sequel to his first book Rain Town with Rain Town 2: Return of the Raven.

Dark skies loom large over Shigbeth Town and brave, valiant heroes have never been more needed. In this sequel to ‘Rain Town’, the three unlikely and comically ordinary heroes of the Shigbeth Justice League unite again to fight a criminal bringing misery to the local neighbourhood. Delivery van driver and single Dad, Sidney Rain once again dons his wellies, cape, and bird mask to become the nocturnal crime fighting ‘Raven’, enlisting the help of his two best friends to join forces and keep the local community safe from harm. Meanwhile, his son Stanley and his friends join together to stop the evil Hardy Brothers, Reggie and Ronnie and bring their reign of terror at school to an end.  

Mr Donaldson kindly shared a few of his thoughts on writing and reading. 

How do you find the motivation to write? 

Like many parents, I used to love reading to my children at bedtime. As we read more and more books, I just found that a lot of the stories weren’t making us laugh as much as we wanted to and they didn’t seem to connect with ordinary lives and characters. So, I thought I would have a go myself.

Where did you find the inspiration for your books? 

Some of the characters are loosely based on people that I have known. I suppose the character of Sidney is a little reminiscent of my Grandfather. That’s who he is named after. Television comedy is also in there as an inspiration. Sid is also part-Del Boy from Only Fools & Horses.

Can we expect more adventures from Sidney and Stanley? 

If I ever get the time, then I might write the third in the series. I’ve got some ideas and some new characters.

Why have you chosen to write for children and young people? 

It was easier. I spend my days with them and so I hoped I knew what might make them laugh and the sort of things they care about.

Would you ever write a novel for older readers? 

I have done. Decades ago. Maybe one day I will write another but you need so much time to write a book. It has to be rewritten so many times and so carefully crafted for it all to work. Both Rain Town books have taken years because teaching takes up so much of your time outside of school. Maybe when I retire? 

My favourite book as a child was…. 

The Two Towers by Tolkien. I went on the journey with them as a kid. It felt like I was reading something epic and important.

My favourite classic is…. 

I have been trying to read one a month for awhile now as they passed me by when I was younger. In the last couple of years, I have read classics by Steinbeck, Orwell, Hemmingway, Austen, Bronte. Picking a favourite is difficult (perhaps the Grapes of Wrath?). Some of them I didn’t necessarily enjoy but that’s not the point. I’ve got Dostoevsky’s ‘Crime and Punishment’ to start next…

 My all-time favourite book is…. 

1984 by George Orwell. So many reasons why. A close second is Cormac McCarthy’s ‘The Road’.

Congratulations Mr Donaldson, we are all so proud of you! To purchase Rain Town 2 for yourself, please click here.


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