Dr Emily Grossman joins Northampton High for #ScienceWeek

It was fantastic to welcome Dr Grossman to Northampton High, to deliver a passionate talk to Senior School students

“Compassion, in terms of wanting to make a difference in the world in any career, comes from a willingness to also be compassionate to ourselves”.

It was wonderful to welcome the amazing Dr Emily Grossman to school on Monday for #ScienceWeek! Dr Grossman delivered a passionate talk to students, which challenged stereotypes in science and highlighted the importance of women in STEM careers.

With a Double First in Natural Sciences from Queens’ College Cambridge and a PhD in cancer research, Dr Grossman also trained and worked as an actress and singer, and as a Maths and Science teacher. She now combines her skills as a Science Communicator, broadcaster, public speaker, author, trainer and activist.

“I am passionate about changing the perception of what it is to be a scientist and I campaign to increase diversity by encouraging more young people, especially girls, to choose careers in science. I enjoy sharing my experiences as a woman in science – such as challenges I have faced around sexism, lack of confidence, imposter syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and mental health issues – in such a way that might support and inspire others to reach their potential and attain their goals”.

For more information about Dr Grossman, please click here.


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