Raise Her Up – How to be an anti-racism ally

On this week’s episode we are joined by Grace Barrett, to discuss the correlation between mental health issues and racism and more

On this week’s episode of Raise Her Up, we are joined by singer, writer, activist, and educator Grace Barrett on how to be an anti-racism ally.

Grace Barrett, co-founder of the award-winning Self-Esteem Team, founded her new anti-racism education programme, I Am Ally, after acknowledging the inescapable correlation between her complex mental health issues, and racism.

In her late 20s, following plenty of therapy, Grace realised that by denying the presence and impact of racism she was holding herself (and potentially others) back. Grace joins us on Raise Her Up to discuss the subtle, and the less subtle ways, in which racism can manifest itself, and how young people of colour can empower themselves and others by naming and addressing the discrimination they have experienced. We also look into the ways in which white people can work to redefine the concept of allyship and how we can all create systemic change through using our own individual areas of influence.

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